Brief Winter Sports Review

Neil Kiame and Amanda Vogt

Winter Sports- Amanda Vogt and Neil Kiame


This year’s winter season showcased the athleticism of Wayne Valley’s excellent competitors, a few of which are briefly recognized below. 


Winter Track:
This year, the girls team won 1st Team All-County in the 4×400 for the County Champions. They placed 2nd in the Conference Championship. Milica Rodic, Anthony Depalma, and Tammy McNutt had 1st Team All-County Recognition, among others. 


Ski Racing: 

Senior Allison McConnell (as seen in the attached image) led the team to another impressive season, although they did not place in their State Championships. 


Girls Basketball:

Girls Basketball won the Passaic County Tournament this year as well as the Conference Champions title, ending the season with a 18-8 overall record. At the county finals, senior Brianna Neary totaled 14 points.


Boys Basketball:

Boys Basketball did fairly well this year with a 16-10 record. Derrick Sandowick, Amir Coubati, Hisham Ali, and Kevin Devins led the team with 303, 241, 143, and 166 points, respectively.