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Spring Trivia!


1) What is the name of the Greek goddess associated with spring?

a) Aphrodite     b) Athena     c) Hera     d) Persephone


2) What day do many Americans mistakenly believe is the start of spring?

a) March 1st     b) April 1st     c) March 31st     d) April 31st 


3) What is the actual first day of spring in 2024?

a) March 1st      b) March 19th      c) April 2nd     d) April 15th


4) In North America, what bird is often associated with Spring?

a) Blue jay     b) Cardinal     c) Robin


5) The Japanese welcome spring by organizing significant viewings of what flower? 

a) Cherry Blossoms     b) Iris     c) Lotus     d) Wisteria


6) What is the first spring month in the Southern Hemisphere?

a) December     b) March     c) October     d) September 


7) In a leap year, January, July, and what spring month will all start on the same day of the week?

a) April     b) March     c) May     d) June


8) Primavera means “spring” in which language?

a) Armenian     b) Greek     c) Italian     d) Vietnamese


9) With a name meaning “equator” in Spanish, Ecuador has a charming capital that is known as the “City of Eternal Spring.”  What is the capital’s name?

a) Caracas     b) La Paz     c) Montevideo     d) Quito


10) What sport is associated with “March Madness” in spring?

a) baseball     b) college basketball     c) lacrosse     d) tennis


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