Summer Fun Fashion Around Wayne Valley


Clouds are clearing from the skies, the sun is shining bright, windows are open, hair is blowing in the wind, and summer clothes are being dug out from the closets. After a long, tireless winter, the warm weather has finally begun to creep in week by week. The students at Wayne Valley have felt the changes ever since that single warm week following spring break. However, in typical New Jersey fashion, that warmness didn’t stay for long, but it is making a much-appreciated comeback after an April filled with showers. The May flowers have bloomed and so have student fashion trends. 

Dressing for summer weather can be an extremely difficult task considering the dramatic jump from morning temperatures to afternoon temperatures and from the historical wing climate to the new wing climate. However, this has not stopped students from expressing themselves with the help of their summer wardrobes. Female students can be seen in trendy biker shorts which have been making a comeback from the past, usually paired with baggy band tees or crewnecks/hoodies. For male students, the classic long sleeve t-shirts and tees have yet to go out of style. As far as shoes, the Ugg slippers have been retired and traded in for sneakers, platform Converse, or some students have been seen rocking Birkenstocks! 

Wayne Valley spring sport athletes have also been repping their new merchandise. Baseball released Carolina blue tees, long sleeves, and hooded sweatshirts with their navy logo and spring track dropped a timeless navy collection. Girls’ Flag Football had a merchandise store open for two weeks offering Nike brand clothing with a logo designed by graphic design teacher Mr. Boriello. With the changing weather, school athletic clothing never fails to impress. 

While the weather gets warmer and shorts get shorter, it is important to remember to always be appropriate and follow the dress code! As Mr. Palczewski said in a recent email, “This is school, not the beach”. However, as students have demonstrated it is time to dress cute, put the sunglasses on, and start the countdown to summer. Be sure to keep your eye out for more fashion trends around the school as we wait for that final bell to ring on June 21!