Ally Bernstein: Valedictorian 2023

June 5, 2023

When coming into high school, becoming valedictorian was not a goal for Allison (Ally) Bernstein. However, once she reached the end of her sophomore year and beginning of junior year, she realized that it was something in her reach that she could work to achieve. 

Throughout the first three years of high school, Bernstein admits that she did not have the best study habits as she saved many things for the last minute. As a result, she was often forced to cram the night before a quiz or test. “I’ve been doing better senior year, and I recommend getting ahead of your work. Paying attention more in class lets me not have to study as much as I am actually learning the material,” she explains. 

Bernstein recommends that all students continue to take language courses, as she believes that learning another language is a very valuable skill. She also believes that students should not be afraid to take a study hall as it will not stop someone from getting into a good college. Bernstein even admits that she wishes she took a study hall this year. 

Additionally, many students take AP courses for a GPA boost; however, Bernstein does not think that this is a good idea. She believes that students should take a class because they want to. If someone takes a class just for a GPA boost, and that class turns out to be awful, the school year can easily become more difficult than necessary. “If you’re not looking to take an AP to do well on the test and earn college credits, it is not a good strategy because the curriculum is based around the test, and if you’re not willing to make that commitment, it’s a pain. However, I do think you should challenge yourself. It’s better to be challenged than painfully bored in your courses,” Bernstein elaborates.

A lesson that Bernstein has taken away from her time at Wayne Valley is to “work hard but don’t run yourself into the ground because at the end of the day, this is high school,” she comments. “Sure, it’s nice being valedictorian, but I guarantee no one is going to remember it, and it’s not going to affect my long-term future. And that’s okay.”

Once this school year ends, Bernstein is headed to Rutgers Honors College to study chemistry for the pre-med track and is most excited for the amount of freedom she’ll have. When asked why Bernstein chose to study chemistry, she explains that “it just comes naturally to me. It makes sense and I like it a lot.”

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