The Wellness Fair!


Wayne Valley promotes wellness at the Wellness Fair! On Thursday, March 29th, Wayne Valley hosted our 2nd Annual Wellness Fair. The staff and students worked extremely hard and diligent in preparation of the fair. Students attended the fair during their PE class. Other classes such as Journalism and Marketing also stopped by!


Outside booths included a booth on teen dating and violence by the Passaic County Women’s Center. Alateen had a booth providing literature for people dealing with someone significant in your life (parents, siblings, friends) whose alcohol/drug abuse issues are impacting you.  Alateen stresses that people need to receive help in understanding addiction and how to take care of yourself, not the person with the issue.


Students worked with teachers, the nurses and our counselors to create booths.  For example, the nurses developed a booth called Mindfulness Through Your Senses By using senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing, they taught students how to focus on the present time and lead away from feeling anxiety and worry.  Students wrote down a positive “I Statement” reinforcing positive talk.  They also played different stress relief games and activities such as Spike Ball and meditation.