The Wayne Valley Winter Concert

The Wayne Valley Winter Concert

Sophie Aksoy, Staff Writer

The Wayne Valley Winter Concert that took place on Wednesday, December 13 was a huge success according to some chorus and band members. Both the chorus and band have been practicing for this event since September, and were eager to show off their hard work and dedication for the holiday season.

Nick Miragliotta (junior, trombone/euphonium) was excited to play “‘White Rose Elegy’ with Brass Quintet and ‘Afterlife’ with the Symphonic band. Both pieces have great moments that can give you goosebumps.” Andy Bernhardt (junior, piano/trumpet) who is also in the symphonic band was looking forward to performing ‘Lightning Field’ and ‘To Conquer the Skies.’

Natalie Cattuna (junior) of chorus said, “I’m definitely looking forward to performing ‘March of the Kings’… we’re also excited to do our Hanukkah song, ‘Hanukkah Holiday’ because it’s a really interesting piece with multiple melodies at once.”

Junior Sophia Monte was also looking forward to singing the Hanukkah song, and also collaborating with the band for the concert’s finale.

The Chorus and Chamber Choir also invited Wayne Valley alumni up on stage to sing with them towards the end of the concert, which is a perfect way to spread holiday cheer! In addition, the merging of the band and the chorus to perform the finale was especially unforgettable. Members from both groups were excited to combine their talents to deliver a splendid performance to the audience that night.

The students involved in the performances confirmed that the concert went as hoped, and that they would not have changed a thing about it. Both the chorus and band had high hopes for their performances, which were clearly fulfilled to give a warm salute to the holiday season.