Console Spotlight – Nintendo Switch

Console Spotlight - Nintendo Switch

Nathaniel Simon, Staff Writer

Ever since the sales flop known as the Wii U, Nintendo has fallen behind in the console business, consistently being outdone by Sony and Microsoft. Their new console, the Nintendo Switch, is expected to change all of that for them. Let’s get the facts straight and see if that’s true.

After the Switch was unveiled to the public eyes, there has been mass speculation on the topics of pricing, games and most important the specs of the console. According to a Toys R Us website in Canada, it costs about $220 for the base edition of the console and about $320 for the console along with prepackaged games and extra space. In comparison to the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which average about $400, the Switch is extremely cheap.

Next on the list are the specs. The Switch has one of the latest graphics cards on the market: The Nvidia Tegra, a mobile chip, so the console can be taken anywhere. On top of that it’s in HD so it beats any other mobile alternative on the market right now.

Finally, the games planned for the Switch. Already before its launch, the Switch has launched a surprising amount of games, whether it be The Legend of Zelda, Mario,or Nintendo’s latest series, Splatoon, their take on the shooter genre. On top of that, they have a host of 3rd party support.

So to wrap this up, the Switch is Nintendo’s Penultimate console, and it is cheaper than anything else on the market. Plus, it comes out in March! Keep your eyes peeled, I know I will!