Shows to Binge on Netflix this Spring Break

I don’t know about you, but to me, every day is the best time to binge-watch tv-shows. However, for you more responsible folk, our fast approaching Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to binge some of the best shows, stress-free. Here are just a few (there are many more) (but I don’t get that much room on this newspaper) of my favorites:

  • Criminal Minds


This show is perfect for all of you craving adventure during Spring Break, but don’t exactly want to leave the comfort of your home. Criminal Minds follows a team of FBI profilers (who are quite honestly your squad goals) that analyze criminals’ behavior and victimology in order to stop them from striking again. This show is beautifully developed, with different, complex plots in every episode. Not only is the criminal aspect of this show amazing, but all members of the team bring something different to the table, creating a quirky, diverse cast that is hard not to love. It’s funny how they stop criminals from stealing people’s lives, yet they find it acceptable to steal our hearts. There are currently eleven seasons, ten of which are on Netflix.

  • Glee


Ah, Glee, an oldie but a goodie! I’m sure many of you have seen Glee, but for those who haven’t, I highly recommend you do. Glee follows a band of high school misfits, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, you name it, that come together as one in a single club: the Glee Club. United by their love of music (and diminished social status, as joining the Glee Club is The Lamest Thing Ever), this group of characters travel through the ups and downs of high school, all whilst managing to constantly break out into spontaneous song. With all six seasons on Netflix, I promise you, this is a show you want to binge.

  • Grey’s Anatomy


Alert your biology teachers, this show is chock full of medical knowledge. Well, and drama. And plot twists. And very attractive doctors. And an unbelievable amount of relationships. Oh, and did I mention drama? This show follows the up-and-coming surgeon, Meredith Grey, as she begins her internship at Seattle Grace Hospital. As if an around the clock internship isn’t enough, Meredith has to juggle her friends, family, and relationships, as well as the hospital drama. This show is tremendously character-driven, and (for better or for worse) you will fall in love with every single one. This show is on its twelfth season, eleven of which are on Netflix (and no, I don’t know if it’s physically possible to watch every single season over spring break. But I dare you to try).

  • Gossip Girl


I know it seems strange to want to watch a show set in high-school when you finally get a break from high-school, but trust me, these aren’t your average teenagers. Gossip Girl follows the dramas of the privileged students of an exclusive prep school in Upper East Side Manhattan (yes, it’s as fancy as it sounds). The show is centered around this anonymous gossip blogger, who goes by the pseudonym of “Gossip Girl,” reporting the ins and outs of all the hot news. This show has six seasons, all of which are on Netflix, and are guaranteed to make you go through a rollercoaster-ride of emotions. (Also, a quick PSA: Yes, the characters’ hair gets better as the show goes on. I promise)

  • Once Upon A Time


For those of us rocking the “staycation” this Spring Break, this modern fairytale retelling is a great way for us to pretend that we are in magical Disneyland. This show is currently on its fifth season, with four seasons uploaded to Netflix. The show begins when Emma Swan, the main character, is visited by her son, Henry (whom she gave up for adoption). He tracked her down, convinced that she is the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Emma (obviously) doesn’t believe him, and takes him back to his home in Storybrooke. However, she decides to stay in town for a few days, and slowly starts to discover that maybe Henry isn’t wrong after all; perhaps the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.