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What to Wear on the Sandy Shores of 2024



Ah, listen to that: the sound of waves lapping gently against wet sand, the ice cream truck’s familiar melody in the distance; it’s finally summer again. After an excruciating, seemingly endless winter, we’re finally returning to the season of shorts and sunscreen with–yet again–a whole new set of fashion to-dos. As always, here are the top 3 trends I personally believe will dominate the ever-changing style industry throughout the summer of 2024.

  • Whites, whites, whites

Although this may seem to be a given, I believe that we’ll see an even greater surge (than usual) in white-colored clothing throughout the market. It’s no secret why; reminiscent of crystal-clear beaches and white sand, we’ll be reminded that it’s obviously the best time of the year–regardless of the environment we’re surrounded by.

  • Sundress Resurgence

There’s been some recent debate on exactly what a sundress is; are they form-fitting and bodycon, or are they loose and flowy and reminiscent of frolicking through a field of flowers? In my own opinion, a sundress can be identified by its light, dainty material cut into a short, yet drapey (and sometimes ruffly) fit. These kinds of dresses almost feel like summer itself. Either way though, it’s undeniable that this debate really thrusted this particular item into the limelight.

  • Tankinis?

This may, originally, get me some looks–the idea of a potential tankini revival has been heavily controversial among the masses. I guess some people are just too hesitant to let go of their favorite bikini sets. Whether used as an actual bathing suit or as a cute summer-esque top for everyday activities, these sets can never truly let you down.


That’s all for this summer! I may not have included as many trends as usual–that’s because I have a very strong feeling that this summer’s fashion will evolve RAPIDLY. Keep a lookout for the newest, hottest items on your favorite social media apps for more inspiration as the season progresses. Thank you so much for tuning into this final edition of my fashion corner–I hope you all have a great summer!

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About the Contributor
Matt Bielen is a senior at Wayne Valley High School, and the Senior Layout Editor. He enjoys playing the guitar, gardening, listening to music, and crocheting. He loves coffee, and his favorite color is red. After graduation, he hopes to major in biology and to eventually attend veterinarian school.

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