Quiz Bowl 2023!

Quiz Bowl has gained popularity over these past few years. This year, Wayne Valley was invited once again to join other schools in a competition at Colonia High School. While there, the club members had to face off against rival teams to see who has the most knowledge. The categories ranged from art and music to literature and geography. This year, Valley had two teams place in the 4th round. 

Quiz Bowl once again hosted the student versus faculty competition. Prior to COVID, it was a popular tradition that many teachers had partaken in, so everyone was very excited for its return! Thank you to the many teachers who participated in the competition, and thank you to the students of Quiz Bowl. One of the supervisors, Ms. Hannon, says, “I consistently appreciate the support of the teachers for the Quiz Bowl team in the competition as they love to compete, but also want to see their students succeed as well. Mrs. Cielusniak and I are proud of the Quiz Bowl team for holding their own in the second round.”