Sounds of the 60’s: Pops Concert


This year’s pops concert was inspired by the 1960s. Chorus and chamber choir members dressed up in costumes from the ‘60s, carefully replicating makeup, hair, and clothing to give the audience an immersive experience filled with color and light. Choreographed and conducted by Ms. Lisa Russoniello, the group opened with a fun number from 1967; all other music performed throughout the night was released between 1960 to 1969. Singers from period six and period eight surprised the audience by entering through the back doors and walking through the aisles, a common occurrence at this annual concert. Between individual class numbers, chamber performances, solos, and group numbers, the hardworking performers created a cohesive and entertaining program that could be enjoyed by all. The next and final performance for the 2023 chorus ensemble is the Spring Concert, which is set to occur on May 16. Come and watch the show!