Winter Pep Rally & Spirit Week Recap

During the week of March 6, Wayne Valley had its second spirit week of the year, filled with new themes. Monday was “Adam Sandler Day,” where students and teachers dressed up in baggy T-shirts, shorts, caps, sweatpants, basketball shorts, and running shoes or sandals. Tuesday and Wednesday were other fun, new themes: “Dynamic Duos” and the viral “Anything But a Backpack” Day. Thursday was PJ day, and finally, Friday was the day of our second pep rally of the year. 

This pep rally was Disney movie-themed. Each grade designed shirts based on their chosen movie: freshmen were Lilo & Stitch, sophomores were Cars, juniors were Finding Nemo, and seniors were Monsters University. Unlike the fall pep rally, there were no performances, so we jumped right into the games. The first game was a real-life version of Hungry Hippos, where one student from each grade laid down on a scooter, while somebody else pushed them around to collect balls in a basket, and a third team member collected the balls in a hula-hoop. There were several balls in the middle of the circle, and the grade which collected the most balls (using a laundry basket) won. Freshmen took the win. Next was a game of musical chairs, and in an intense final round, sophomore Ayo won. The third game was a classic: tug of war. The freshmen proved to be an equal match for the sophomores, but the sophomores ultimately pulled through. Seniors won against the juniors and the sophomores, but finally faced defeat against the teachers.