Surfing Our Way into the World of Fashion: Summer 2022 Edition



We’re approaching that time of year where the world yet again springs to the peak of vivacity; the season of the euphoric melodies of ice cream trucks, the nostalgia of melting popsicles while standing barefoot on the sun-warmed asphalt. What would summer be without its iconic imagery that nearly everyone can relate to?

Summer would also lack the same “oomph” without its nothing-less-than-unique fashion trends that seem to pop up each and every year. In this article, we’ll cover some of the top fashion trends that are almost guaranteed to show up across the board this summer season.


Number 1: Literally Anything Y2K.

We’ve all heard of that one saying surrounding the trend cycle: “Clothing trends circulate about every 20 years”. This year couldn’t be further from an exception to this common claim. Popular clothing from the early 2000s is seeing a full-swing revival, potentially in ways that have never been experimented with before. Tube tops, miniskirts, and chunky sandals all are 100% expected to dominate this year’s summer vacation in all of its former glam and glory.


Number 2: Two-piece Matching Sets.


Though tying similarly into a Y2K revival, we felt that two-piece matching sets needed a whole category of its own. Its versatility across brands assures that no matter your style, you’ll find something that you’ll just fall in love with. Especially with summer, your options are practically endless. 


Number 3: Yellow. Simply Yellow. 


This one’s more of our own prediction. Yellow- a color associated with sunshine and positivity- what’s not to expect from a color of the summer. While in years past, yellow has sort-of fallen out of popularity, we feel that alongside this year’s other trends, yellow will yet again begin to gain traction.


Though there are so many more trends that we’re able to cover, we feel that these three will be dominating the wardrobes of everyone this sunny season. Just remember, it’s time to get your bathing suits ready, we’re going swimming!