Recycled Met Gala Remakes

To finish off the school year of Ms. Romano’s Fashion I classes, students were tasked with making formal outfits for past Met Gala themes using unconventional materials. The students used items such as duct tape, newspapers, garbage bags, wrapping paper, etc. Essentially, they were using anything but fabric! 

Each class was given the choice of different themes that they would recreate. Periods 1 and 2 chose the combined Met themes: “Heavenly Bodies” (2018) and “Goddess” (2003). While period 5 voted for the themes: “Punk: Chaos to Couture” (2013) and “Rock” (1999). Each class must create at least one formal outfit (which is to be pre-approved by Ms. Romano) that accurately conveys their theme(s). The outfits must also be able to be put on and taken off of their mannequins without damage, just as normal clothing would.

Progress photos and videos of these projects will be posted on Ms. Romano’s class instagram page, On top of that, some of the final outfits will be displayed at our Wayne Valley Art Show (located in the school media center through the week of June 1st). We hope that you’ll come and see the creations from the young designers of Fashion 1!