All About WeACT

The WeACT club is an organization here at Wayne Valley that focuses on charity work for the better of the community and the world.  The students in this club dedicate themselves to charities, events, fundraisers, community service, and more.  While they may still just be kids with a dream, they are making a difference with the help of Mrs. Fellner.

Their first project for the 2021-2022 school year was a book drive and fundraiser to build a new library in Uganda, and this took place throughout the month of October. The club accepted donations of baby books, preschool books, and kindergarten through eighth grade level books (and ultimately received more than five hundred donations). In order to assist in funding the library, the club is running a fundraiser as well. For instance, “pie the teacher” contest was held at Wayne Valley, and all of the money made (more than $400) was used to pay for the shipment of the books and for building the library.  

The club is very successful and currently has 95 members signed up.  The President of the club, Grace Steiner, claims, “The efforts and impact of the student body and faculty members do not go unnoticed!”  She believes that no matter their age, all of the students in the WeACT club are making a huge difference in our community.  

Steiner also talks about her goals for the club’s future.  She would like to bring back some of the past successful projects: “I believe around 2018, the We Act Club held a water walk to raise money to provide clean water for communities in Africa.”  This was something that she believed was important and wants to start working towards again.  She also mentions wanting to take the club in a slightly different direction, “I do have a vision to do more hands-on volunteering,” she says.  Grace is a senior, so hopefully we will see some of these changes before graduation.

The supervisor of the club, Mrs. Fellner, is very proud as well.  She is more than satisfied with the work that they are doing, but wishes that more students would take on bigger roles in the community and help out.  Fellner claims, “I think it’s a good thing for students to be involved with.”

Fellner oversees all club activities and ideas.  She believes that having a good relationship and good communication with all of the members is crucial to the functions of the club.  In order for the best outcome, she and her students have to have the same understanding.  Fellner explains that while she does most of the organizing and reaching out, both locally and globally, her students are usually the ones who do the research and find the charities that they work with.  

Fellner also tells us that the next project the club is planning will be global as well.  In the future, they plan to put together sanitary kits to send to Afghanistan for those in need.