Athlete Spotlight: Astrid McGraw

Some of you may know Astrid from her fabulous displays of art around the school or her unique fashion sense, but most of us know her as the starting varsity goalie of the Wayne Valley Girls Soccer team. 

McGraw took on the position of goaltender at the young age of nine when she discovered her passion for saving goals rather than scoring them. As a child, she was super competitive and her adoration for the sport brought her great opportunities that would significantly impact her future, especially during her time in high school. She remarks that “the support of my teammates and coaches is by far my favorite part of WVGS. We truly are a family on and off the field, and having that support is so incredible and inspiring.” 

Despite the difficulties COVID-19 placed on the soccer season last fall, McGraw is ecstatic that she gets to finish off her last season on a positive note: “I am trying to be less hard on myself, which has always been a downfall of mine in soccer.” 

 At some point during their career, every athlete is faced with difficulties whether it be an injury or just the hassle of everyday life. Astrid admits, “my mood definitely affects how I play— that’s a particular struggle with goalkeepers. So much of it is a mental game.” Being the last line of defense, McGraw is constantly faced with nail-biting moments that could make or break the game. Sometimes, it’s hard to get over a tough loss but McGraw mentions, “learning to fail even when you give your best effort only pushes you to give your best again.” 

It is a bittersweet moment to leave the safety of high school so before she steps off the field for the last time, McGraw aims “to inspire and bring together as many of the younger players, especially the goalies, to leave this team in the best hands possible.” Although she isn’t continuing her athletic career in college, her impact and devotion to the Wayne Valley Girls Soccer organization will continue to motivate not only current and future players, but the coaches as well.