Senior Goodbye – Neha Chandra

As June approaches, it’s finally time to say goodbye to an amazing high school experience. I can truly say that I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly (*cue Western theme song*).

Throughout High School, I have changed so drastically. Each experience at Wayne Valley has provided me with invaluable preparation for my future. My growth has been immeasurable, and much of it has come from my time at Smoke Signals. When I was a sophomore, Mrs. Nazarko was my English teacher, and she welcomed me onto the newspaper’s staff. When I first met everyone, I knew that this club was a safe space. You had the freedom to express yourself and identify yourself as how you wanted to be seen. You could talk at a high level to other students with similar interests. You never had to worry about being judged or stressed. Everything was taken in stride; if there was a problem we would solve it together. Together took on a new meaning, because even the smallest personal issues could be solved by the meetings of this club. If I could go back, I would have joined Smoke Signals at the beginning of my freshman year. 

In my second year at the paper, I became the Specialty Editor. As I became more involved with this club, I became more and more myself. I was able to speak my mind, feel secure in my knowledge, learn how to improve my writing, and most importantly, communicate well with anyone and everyone. With that said, goodbye to Smoke Signals and all those who are in this club! Good luck next year to all the editors!