Senior Goodbye – Skylar Tanski

My time at Smoke Signals has been, in a single word, eventful. I started writing for the newspaper my Sophomore year, at the behest of my friend Nicole. It took little time for me to find that this was something I really enjoyed. Not only is it great to have an outlet for my creative voice, I also got to know all my fellow writers and editors. I had an even better time senior year when I applied for an editorial position. I feel that being a specialty editor allowed me to express my more controversial points of view, which can be seen through what I wrote in my dress code editorial and the fashion column. I also adore spending time with all the other members of the staff, and we really have bonded over the years. 

Smoke Signals has afforded me the opportunity to share my knowledge of fashion with Wayne Valley, and for that I am forever grateful. I like to think that I played at least a small part in encouraging students not to wear basketball shorts in January. I hope that despite my absence, students will continue to try to keep up with current styles, and that perhaps someone will take over writing the fashion column when I am gone. 

Next year, I will be attending Drew University as a French major, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. As much as I love Wayne Valley, I think it’s time I expose myself to something a bit different. My advice to any underclassmen is to be unapologetically yourself, inside and out. I know that as a younger student I was often hesitant to express my individuality through clothes, but as time went on, I realized how important it is that I stay true to myself. Clothes are so much more than a superficial covering, they are everyone’s first impression of you. Every time someone meets you, they make a judgement based on your appearance, so it’s important that they see your personality in what you wear. 

Thank you so much to everyone in Smoke Signals, I have enjoyed our time together very much!