COVID-19 Vaccine Update With Comments From Governor Murphy

Statistical Update 

As of March 24th New Jersey has fully vaccinated 14.8% of its total population and 28.3% have received their first dose. Nationally, just over a quarter of the population has received their first dose and 13.7% have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For updated charts on all fifty states visit:


New Jersey Vaccine Update with Information From Governor Murphy

March has been a month of increased eligibility for those looking forward to receiving the COVID-19 Vaccines: New Jersey teachers and restaurant workers were some of the bigger categories that were announced. 

The state’s allotment of vaccines is determined by their adult population as well as what the federal government has been releasing in terms of distribution strategy plans and updates. Recently President Biden pledged that “the federal government would have enough doses of the coronavirus vaccine to inoculate all adults by the end of May.” This was a part of the President’s goal to be closer to normalcy by July 4th as stated on March 11th when the most recent plan was announced. Governor Murphy stated that “once the federal government increases the supply…the pace at which residents are vaccinated will increase.” It is expected that in April the number of doses received by New Jersey will proliferate and the “imbalance between the supply and demand” will lessen. 

Towns such as Wayne that are running their own vaccination administration programs could see their allotment of weekly doses improve. As the state anticipates further increases in the supply at the federal level, these allocations will have the ability to increase. So, as Wayne is currently receiving only 300 out of the requested 2500 vaccines weekly it is expected that we will soon start to receive more doses–in time of course. Governor Murphy’s utmost goal: “to vaccinate 70% of the eligible adult population in 6 months.” 

As of now, there is no vaccine approved for those 16 and younger. When asked if schools would be used for distribution for this demographic Governor Murphy responded by affirming, “Once a vaccine is in the approval process, distribution plans will be considered.” 


As for those vigilantly trying to find any available appointment Governor Murphy reassures that “We continue to ask for the public’s patience. Once we have enough supply, everyone who wants to be vaccinated, will get vaccinated.”