The Open Ears Club

With all that is happening in our world, it can sometimes feel as if our problems and negative experiences do not matter. Wayne Valley’s new Open Ears Club is working to change that. Led by senior Vincent Scaglione, the discussion-based, student-run organization strives to overcome social inequality and negative stigmas. It also tasks itself with creating a safe space for people of all backgrounds to express who they are and how they are represented in our community.

This club is great not only to verbalize your own experiences, but also to learn about other people’s experiences and help advocate for them. If you are interested in joining the Open Ears Club, meetings are primarily on Tuesdays at 3 P.M., but will sometimes vary. To stay updated with the club, go to @openearsclub on Instagram, where updates are posted regularly. The Open Ears Club is a great way to uplift your voice and make a difference in our community!