Interviews with Senior Athletes!

Wayne Valley Senior Athletes Interviews

With the coronavirus pandemic halting the lives of the entirety of the world, the high school athletic playing fields, normally accustomed to the vigor of competition, remain empty. The opportunity to showcase years of hard work now quickly disappeared, the senior class of 2020 is especially affected by the social distancing prohibiting the enjoyment of a sport they invested countless hours in. The following is a series of interviews for senior spring sports athletes honoring their involvement and contributions to Wayne Valley athletics.

Julianna Sibilski

How long have you done your spring sport?

A: I have done track ever since I was a freshman.

What do you miss most about the spring season?

A: The thing I miss the most is just spending time with everyone at practices and meets.

Are you going to pursue your sport after high school?

A: I’m not going to be continuing track in college but I’ll miss it so much.


Kenny Lemley

How long have you done your spring sport?

A: I have done track for 4 years.

What do you miss most about the spring season?

A: I miss the team aspect most about the spring season.

Are you going to pursue your spring sport after high school?

A: Yes. I was planning on running track for a club or intramural sport.


Andrew Paul

“I have played these sports before I knew of Wayne Valley or Wayne. I was volleying and running before formally-linguified thought. In teams, In self, in witness, in (school)grade(/class). I’ve lifelong run and volleyed. People do this. Ours is a species-wide track and volleyball team. Running-volleyball, morphed, one-d, one-ified. I do not plan (to continue) as much as I make equality with the fateful fact of my as-long-as-me running and volleying careers…

I miss, (maybe), when I did miss these things. Now I don’t miss them, but I miss the necessary attachment that enlivens longing. I miss missing…

I may like to continue the name-sense of the noncompeting sport–noncompeting in the absolute capitalistic sense, just as I wouldn’t like that in another sphere. Academia gamified, sportified, competitivized–oh…. I equally hope that goes unrepeated.–To lose the unnoticeable line between sport and academia–to wed them too close…. ”