How to Have A Memorable Summer While Social Distancing

Summertime for many means countless days on the beach with friends, pool parties, trips around the world, and memories that will last a lifetime. For many, that is what summer 2020 was supposed to bring, but with the unfortunate circumstances of Covid-19, many people doubt this summer will compare with the ones they have experienced in the past. With social distancing rules, mask requirements, and new regulations, those that were expecting to have a fun and exciting summer have been let down. However, many fun and popular spots will still be open, and if safety precautions are followed carefully, this summer can still be one to remember!

One widely popular place that will still be open for the summer is the beach! Even though we are still quarantined and practicing social distancing at the moment, beach lovers will still be able to enjoy the Jersey shore almost just as they always have. There is no need to cancel your plans that involve going down the shore, as you can still have a fun, memorable time, plus get a nice tan. Although social distancing rules will still be in effect at the beach, as long as you stick by the people who you came with and stay 6 feet away from others, there is nothing getting in your way of making memories at the beach, just like every other summer!

Along with the beach, Six Flags Great Adventure has opened a drive-thru safari, so you won’t miss out on the amazing animal sightings and a fun experience! With this drive-thru which opened on May 30, 2020, you are able to drive through the safari and see all of the cool animals passing by. Since you will be safe inside of your car, this is a perfect way to enjoy a fun summer activity, while following social distancing protocols.

Lastly, parks and hiking trails are beginning to open, which provides a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. Even though the circumstances seem tough right now, the summer will still come, and it is important to remember to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. It is very easy to get out of the house and enjoy a nice, relaxing walk with your friends and family on a hiking trail, or take a trip to the park, where you can also enjoy the outdoor sights. Luckily, these places have already started opening up, which means that starting right now, we can begin to take advantage of these fun places, and the breathtaking sights that they have to offer. 

Even with these difficult situations, this summer can still be an exciting one to remember! The most important thing is to stay positive and to focus on what we can still do this summer to make it fun despite the non-preferable circumstances. There is still so much to enjoy, and with the right mindset and safety, there is nothing stopping us from looking back on this summer with good memories in mind!