Wayne Valley Senior Legacy 2020

As we make our way towards the end of this modified school year, we as students and faculty have so much to reflect upon. Because of COVID-19, the entire world has faced unprecedented circumstances. Though many of us will hopefully return to our schools come September, there are millions of students who are missing out on the opportunity to celebrate a well-deserved graduation after finishing their twelve years of primary and secondary education. These graduating seniors have all lost the chance to make a final mark in their respective high schools. Whether it was playing a final sports match, throwing graduation caps in the air, attending prom, or simply spending time with their friends, all seniors share a similar sadness as they prepare to leave their hometowns behind and move on to the next step of their lives. So the real question is: What, if anything, did the Wayne Valley Senior Class of 2020 leave for the students returning next year?

Although it may be hard to view it in a positive light, this rough period of time provided us with a new opportunity to grow as students and individuals. Since the events of the past few months were so unexpected, it was surprising to everyone when we had to adapt to the closure of schools (beginning March 16th). Learning to cope with COVID-19 took some time, but we all developed new routines and found ways to have fun through these ongoing weeks of quarantine. Ultimately, we all gained an unreal experience of alienation. We were faced with the challenge of making every moment of our senior year count despite the national crisis and our consequentially limited freedom.

In the grand scheme of things, did seniors leave anything for the younger students to take with them as they continue their education? Well, of course they did. They brought home a football state championship title, and took Wayne Valley to MetLife Stadium for an exciting game—one for the books, to say the least. They showed people that in times of panic, there is always hope, and a way to finish what was started four years ago. All of the sports teams earlier this year fought for their victories and worked through their losses, and they proved the Wayne Valley Indians’ determined mentality. Our seniors had arguably the most school spirit and Valley pride, making this year (whether in school or online) something to always remember. And most importantly, these seniors showed us that even though the situation became severe and the way of life that we used to take for granted had to be modified, there was no need to give up and not try. College was still in the picture, and they would not let current circumstances define the possibilities in their future.

In the end, this legacy will always be there, despite this school year full of unprecedented changes. To all of the seniors that lost a real “ending,” just know that everyone is proud of all that you have accomplished (and all you have yet to accomplish)! You should be proud of who you are and who you have become. We are confident that Wayne Valley will forever remember the Class of 2020’s legacy.