Classes and Clubs Spring 2020 Update

Child Development:

On Tuesday, February 25th, Child Development 2 held a first ever “Gender Reveal.” The students each had a chance to pop a black balloon that was filled with pink or blue confetti and a note that told them the gender of the baby they would be doing a project on. The 18 students had boys, girls, or twins. They then spun a wheel to find out their due dates. Their project consists of budgeting the needs of a baby in the first month. 


10th Grade English:

To celebrate the end of their research papers, students in Mrs. Foster’s tenth grade English classes had a Gatsby Party! They played music from the 1920s and brought in snacks. Students also dressed up as characters from the classic novel. 


Unified Sports:

Thursday, February 27th,  was our last Unified Basketball Game against Wayne Hills and West Milford. We are so proud of our students and would love to share their success and experience as student-athletes. 


Transition Program

Just a little background: The program provides special needs students with a wide range of daily living, recreation, and work experiences in preparation for a successful transition to adult life through community-based instruction, a partnership with William Paterson University and a structured learning experience.  

We recently took a community-based instruction trip to $ Plus Kraze and Panera to buy supplies for our Superbowl Party where we prepared appetizers during our “Food Friday” time.  You might smell the delicious treats lingering in the hallway every Friday. Most recently we prepared “Leap Year Macaroni and Cheese,” which consisted of four kinds of cheese to celebrate Leap Year.  Our class has recently implemented a service to the staff members of the school in cooperation with Jazzman’s cafe called Fast Takes. 

We will continue to provide services to our school and local community as we learn and grow in the process.


Social Eyes Club:

Additionally, Jenna Morris-Ferrer and run the Social Eyes Club:

“The Social Eyes Club is an after school club for students with significant disabilities, that provides interactive, social and recreational opportunities with their fellow peers.  In order to make this club a success, we work with other clubs, sports teams, or any individual willing to volunteer their time to the Wayne Valley special needs population.  

We recently created posters with some of the Peer Leaders to pump up our Unified Basketball Team.”