Student Spotlight: Interview with Grace Schneider

  1. What’s your official position title?

My official role is as the SDA President. 

  1. What are the role requirements?

To be president you need to have been in SDA for at least two years and you must be a senior. When trying out for the position I was a junior and Vice President of SDA. You also need to have a GPA higher than 3.5.  

  1. Did you choose to be this or were you offered the position?

No, I wasn’t handed the position. I had to try out and be interviewed. I went up against one other person for the position.

  1. Do you enjoy it?

Yes, I enjoy everything about it, even when it gets tough. 

  1. What drew you to it?

My mother was also a part of SDA, and I remember going to go watch all the shows. I always admired the dancing, but most importantly I’d always thought behind the stage was even more interesting; how people put the show together and got everything up and running. I always thought that was really cool. 

  1. What are some difficulties/challenges you face in this position?

In SDA, I would say that sometimes it’s hard dealing with the people. You’re always trying to satisfy everyone’s needs and give everyone what they want. Timing is also challenging to manage, like with ordering our jackets and outfits for instance. People want their stuff at a specific time, but there are things we have to wait for, like the B.O.E’s approval and the payment for the items. Sometimes it’s hard because a lot of people don’t take SDA seriously and think of it as a joke, but there is a lot of important, hard work done behind the scenes that people don’t know about.  

  1. Do you feel that SDA is an important part of our school?

Yes, I do. Our shows are something that the whole school comes together to watch. Anyone can say that they don’t like SDA, but at the end of the day it’s something that everyone is able to enjoy and remember. 

  1. What have you learned so far? What experience/insight have you gained? 

I’ve learned many leadership skills. I realize that I am in a position where people do look up to me, and its important to always have a brave face on for yourself and for others. You always have to be there for others. You have to be able to plan ahead and think and act in the moment when necessary. You also have to have a balance between them, you can’t overthink everything. With any of the problems and issues that might occur, you need to be flexible in every possible situation. Patience is key when dealing with those situations and with people. 

  1. How has it helped you? 

It has helped me get over my fear of public speaking, because this role requires a lot of speaking, presenting, and explaining. 

  1. What advice do you have for others in/looking to be similar management positions?

You should always just go for it, because you never know what’s going to happen. Even if you think you’re not going to get it, there’s always a possibility that you will. It’s honestly just a great thing to be involved in, no matter what your position.