All About Apple’s New Iphone: Is it worth it?

Apple has recently released 3 new cell phones: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max! All three phones sport at least one additional camera; the Pro and the Pro Max have three. The cameras have many new features including the ability to zoom in and out on both the rear and front facing cameras, as well as a night mode that brightens pictures taken at night. They also allow you to take live photos in slow motion. Another exciting new edition to these phones are the color choices. The iPhone 11 comes in violet, yellow, mint, red, black, and white. The 11 Pro and Pro Max come in midnight green, silver, gold, and gray. Not only are there improvements in the phone’s camera, but these phones are more durable than their predecessors and can withstand more water than in the past, an exciting solution to an issue that earlier-generation iPhone users had to be wary of. 

The camera quality on these new phones are unmatched, and there are even new features that make photo editing much easier. These phones are also more efficient when it comes to battery life! It takes longer to use battery, but a shorter amount of time to charge. Although there are many changes from the last model, some things like the size and shape are the same from last year’s XR have not changed much. The 11 also has the same pixel resolution. Overall the new aspects of this phone allow for much better photography and a more dynamic experience.