Wayne Alliance and The Marketing Two Class

Smoking is bad;Vaping will cause lung cancer; Don’t do drugs… I’m sure you’ve heard it all. Admit it, whenever there’s a school assembly you’re only excited to get out of class and talk to your friends. Instead of listening to valuable and important information, you’re deciding what you want for lunch that day. This is a growing problem, because no matter how hard schools try to put an end to vaping and use of E-Cigarettes, the numbers keep climbing and more and more kids are becoming hooked. This is why the Marketing 2 classes here at Wayne Valley teamed up with Wayne Alliance to produce a campaign and video to help reduce the amount of E-Cigarette use in teens.

For the past two years, the Marketing 2 classes have been asked by the Wayne Alliance to come up with ways using marketing strategies to help decrease the drug use in schools. The class is lead by Ms.Ami and consists of juniors and seniors. The students have learned about marketing strategies and have discovered the ways that big name tobacco companies are targeting minors. The presentation was lead by managers Melody Chambers, Nicole Harden, Grace Watson, and Kristen McClean. Each student also played a role in making sure this project was a success.

“The project overall was very successful, and we believe that we made a good impact on the incoming freshman valley will have next year.” expressed Junior Melody Chambers. The students first presented the project to the members of the Wayne Alliance, then to the students here at valley, and finally presented it in front of the Board of Ed. The students then took their project and presented it in front of eighth grade students at all three middle schools. “The kids got a good kick out of the project, but most of them took something out of it,” explained Melody. As of now the project itself is finished, but the class is currently planning out the third annual Spirit Wear Fashion Show which would take place in April.