Decorating Dorm Rooms For This Upcoming Fall

Trendy? Chic? Bold? With the upcoming fall in sight, it is finally time for this year’s seniors to decide which style dorm they want to go for! With so many options, colors, and designs, many students are left feeling the stress of making their dorm comfortable but trendy, and not knowing which style to follow. If you are stumped on this subject, the guide below should make dorm styling a breeze!

To begin, start by choosing your favorite colors for the grand scheme of your dorm. Which color(s) do you think compliment your style and personality best? If you are picking multiple colors, try to pick ones that will work well together and match. That is how you will be able to set the theme for your dorm!

Depending on the size of your room, the type of furniture you will need is very important to determine. If you have a smaller dorm, then less furniture in smaller sizes will be beneficial, and the opposite goes for larger dorms. While talking about furniture, if you want a neat and complete look you can buy pieces that are the same color and made of the same material.

The next step is to add fun wall decor and personal photos to spice up your dorm. You can add pictures to remind you of fun memories with family, friends, and pets back home. Here is a simple DIY that you can make to add a special touch to your new dorm. You will need twine/string (length of your preference), photos, mini clothespins,  tape, and twinkle lights. Start by using the mini clothes pins to attach your pictures and then hang them on the twine/string. If you want an additional touch, weave the twinkle lights around the twine/string. When you are happy with the result, use tape or another safe tool (do not put nails in your wall!) and hang it on the wall for your enjoyment.

Now it is time to put together your bedding! A tip is that with a solid color comforter you can add lots of designs throughout the room to balance it, and if the comforter has a busy design then you may want to make the rest of the room look simple. Next you can add pillows and throw blankets that compliment your bedding and add a cute and comfy look.

All in all, keeping these tips in mind will help you design your dream dorm for the ultimate college experience.