Junior, Gabby Laterza on being SDA Captain for 2018-2019

¨SDA means a lot to me, and I will put all my heart and dedication for the white team to get that win,¨ explains junior Gabby Laterza, after recently earning the spot as White Aerobics captain for Wayne Valley SDA. Becoming a captain for SDA, can be stressful but very exciting at the same time. Alongside Senior, Rachael Bussinach, they will be able to put in all their amazing talent and creativity in their dance. This is Gabby´s first year becoming a captain for SDA and although she knows it will be tough, she looks forward to the unforgettable experience.

What motivated Gabby in trying out for captain, was her family. Her older sister, Rose, was White Jazz captain a few years ago, and she would love to continue on the legacy and make her family proud. When she found out she got the spot, she said: ¨I was very excited, yet nervous at the same time because you don´t exactly know what´s to come.¨ To add in, she also feels that this will definitely be a new experience for her. As captain, she is most looking forward to making new friends and getting the chance to put all her creative ideas in a dance. She is least looking forward to the stress that is yet to come. She handles all the stress and pressure by: ¨Telling myself that it´s going to be okay and that I will get through it. I work hard to overcome all of the stress.¨

For the white team, her main goal for the season is to try her best, make sure everyone is working hard, and creating unforgettable bonds with each other. To motivate the team for the win, she will always give the best advice she could give, fill everyone with positive mindsets, and push them to the ability their capable of doing. SDA means a lot to Gabby, and she will dedicate everything to not let the White Team down.