Welcome to the Wayne Valley Community Ms. Camporeale!

Students of Wayne Valley, if you haven’t already noticed, this year we have an abundance of new teachers. One of these new additions (pun intended) is our Algebra I and II teacher, Ms. Camporeale. She is a funny and energetic teacher whose goal is to make your math class a little bit more fun, to help you enjoy your class. A fun math teacher is definitely something you should be excited about, especially if you are going into an Algebra I and II class.

Our lovable math teacher originally comes from a smaller school district. Ms. Camporeale discusses this by saying, “ I went from a 1 school, school-district to our 14 school, school-district. I was nervous to say the least. I am happy to break out of my comfort zone.” Ms. Camp constantly takes this attitude when it comes to work and she truly loves to make a positive impact on her students. For example, Camporeale states, “As cliché as it sounds, teaching is a profession where you can really make a difference in a child’s life.”

Even though Ms.Camporeale passion for our knowledge is outstanding, she agrees that teaching comes with challenges. She discusses the hardest part about teaching, “(teaching) is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.” She talks about how a common misconception about teachers, especially among students and parents, is that when they get home the work is over. The reality is Ms.Camporeale, like many other teachers are constantly taking work home, which can take a toll on family life.

Outside of school, Ms.Camporeale loves spending time with her two daughters. “They are both cheerleaders so we spend our weekends at football games and cheer competitions,” reflects Camporeale. Other things she enjoys, other than math, are WWE, spending time with her twin sister and photography. Ms. Camporeale even goes on record saying that if she wasn’t a teacher she would have been a photographer because she loves it so much.

Ms.Camporeale is a lovely lady who is a devoted teacher. Beyond that, she has an outside life too with some interesting hobbies. All and all, we should welcome Ms.Camporeale as a new member to our Wayne Valley Indians family!