Review: Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where up to 4 players run around a scary looking map trying to run and subsequently hide from the killer who is controlled by another player. There are 10 killers with only one being allowed per match, whose job in the game is to hit the survivors twice and put them on a hook, and 11 survivors, who there can only be 4 of in a match, whose job is to start up 5 generators all around the map and to hide from the killer, and eventually escape. All of the survivors are practically identical except for the perks they can learn which are exclusive to that character until you get to around level 50 in matchmaking. The killers however, are quite interesting, each killer has a “terror radius” which lets the survivors know when they are right on top of them and is represented by a heart beat. On top of that each killer has a unique ability that makes the survivors lives a living nightmare. The killers are as follows The Trapper who lays bear traps across the map, the Wraith who can turn transparent, the Hill-Billy, who can charge long distances with a chainsaw, The Nurse, who can teleport short distances, The Huntress who can throw hatchets and hums a lullaby that is larger than her terror radius, The Doctor who’s very presence is maddening to the Survivors, and finally the Hag who can teleport to traps that she lays in the mud when triggered. Those are all of the normal killers who are in the game but there are also 3 big names in the roster, and by big names I mean killers from actual horror movies. Like Michael Myers, who stalks survivors and gains power the  more he does so, Freddy Krueger, whose powers are very self-explanatory if you watch the movies he’s from and Leatherface, who is a direct upgrade to the hillbilly. This game is extremely fun with friends and even has a mode for just playing with your freinds and subsequently murdering them if you’re the killer. However while this game is good with friends it falls flat otherwise, unless you’re playing alone as the killer, but that’s just my opinion. But I digress this game is quite fun with friends but not so much alone, it also is 20 dollars which is just the right amount of money for a game like this. So all in all Dead by Daylight deserves a 9/10.