Wayne Valley Monumental Trivia/Scavenger Hunt Answers!

With Wayne Valley opening over half a century ago, there have been many influential and dedicated members of the school and the community. Many of these people are commemorated in the school hallways, sites, and fields, while some places are just a classic part of WV history. Here are the answer to the scavenger hunt locating many of the following people, places, quotes, or dates, honored in plaques and even on walls around the school.

The auditorium is a commonplace area for students and parents attending an assembly, a meeting, or even for seniors during lunch. To whom is the auditorium dedicated to?
a. Robert Reis   b. Gene Sudal    c. John Van Dyken     Answer – C

2. Just one hallway over are the foods rooms and the sophomore and junior cafes. This area, prestigiously named the Home Economics Facilities, is named after what former teacher?                                                                                             a. Agnes Hoerner       b. Sue Mirsky    c. Maryann Gainer      Answer – A

3. Past the foods rooms and down the hallway lies another Wayne Valley landmark: the media center. Who is the media center dedicated to?
a. Robert R. Ruffing     b. Barbara Bardi        c. Donna Suter        Answer – A

Near the old and new gyms lies a new installment of Wayne Valley’s FBLA: The School Store. What is its official name?
a. The Trading Post        b. The Tribe Store        c. Snacks and More   Answer A

Outside of The School Store is a safe haven for students to sit down, relax during the day, and enjoy a secure place within the school. There are numerous chairs here to enjoy and a quote by who painted on the wall?
a. Martin Luther King, Jr.        b. Mahatma Ghandi        c. Clara Barton      Answer – B

This quote promotes nonviolence and tolerance, a sensitive subject today. What does this quote say? (Bonus: Find out who painted it!)
a. Anger and Intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding
b. I had a dream
c. I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it                                 Answer – A

Painted by Alissa Paulison

Outside of the school lies Wayne Valley’s turf field, a crucial place in the success of many different sports. Who is the field dedicated to?
a. John E. McLaughlin, Sr.
b. Mr. Bannat
c. Former student and NFL player Chris Pantale                                           Answer – A

In the front of the school, there are numerous rocks commemorating events and people. One rock, however, honors the lives lost in one of the worst American tragedies over the past 100 years or so. What event is that?
a. D-Day
b. September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center
c. Pearl Harbor                                                                                                        Answer – B

Near this memorial in the front of the school, there are numerous rocks commemorating late students and teachers. Find one of these people that have a memorial dedicated to them in the past 8 years.                           Answers: Ed Grobe, Tony Lanza, or James Coyne

Wayne Valley was initially the sole high school of Wayne before the opening of Wayne Hills in 1966. When was Wayne Valley founded?
a. 1995     b. 1978        c. 1953        d. 1948                                                                     Answer – C