Sring Trivia 2022

Sring Trivia 2022

Mia Turrin , Layout Editor

1)  In which country do cherry blossoms signify the beginning of spring? 

a) Bolivia b)  Ireland c)  Japan d) Thailand 


2)  In which country is Holi, the Festival of Colors, held to mark the beginning of spring?

a) Egypt b)  India c)  Korea d)  Venezuela


3)  The annual Easter Egg Roll is held each year on the White House lawn. This yearly tradition, according to the White House Historical Association, began in 1814 and was organized by which First Lady?

a) Dolley Madison b)  Jane Pierce Sara c)  Van Buren d)  Helen Taft


4)  For Jewish families, at Seder dinners, part of the Passover tradition involves the retelling of what Biblical story?

a) David and Goliath b) The Exodus c) Noah’s Ark       d) The Ten Commandments


5)  Each year, there is a unique spring competition in Gloucester, England: competitors throw a(n) _______ down Cooper’s Hill and then the competitors launch themselves down the hill. 

a) apple b)  bowling ball c)  toilet paper roll   d)  wheel of cheese


6)  An annual celebration, widely referred to as the Persian New Year, coincides with the Spring Equinox (usually around March 21) and is a festival that honors new life, new beginnings, and the rebirth of nature. This celebration is called  ________________, which translates into “new day.”  

a) Bebakhshid b)  Chetori c)  Nowruz d)  Salâm


7)  In the Netherlands, King’s Day pays homage to King Willem-Alexander on his birthday, April 27th. Participants in the celebration dress up in which color to honor the Dutch royal family?

a)blue b)  crimson c)  orange   d)  violet


8)  Which film festival is held in over twelve days in May, with screenings of films from all genres, while young talent vies for the highest prize awarded at the festival: the Palme d’Or?

a) Cannes b)  Sundance c) Toronto International d) Tribeca


9)  Songkran marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. CNN has called this national new year’s celebration the “world’s biggest _________________.”

a)bonfire b) parade c) picnic d) water fight


10)  Thousands of people come together at the Teotihuacan Pyramid, or the Pyramid of the Sun, in Mexico each year to celebrate the Spring Equinox.  If participants choose to climb the pyramid to get closer to the good energy of the sun, approximately how many steps will they need to take to get to the top?

a) 75 – 118     b) 248-365 c) 260 – 407 d) 300 – 387