Vivian Testa Student Spotlight


Alyssa Sherry, Editor-in-Chief

“I want to be an amazing role model for future female athletes on the rise here at Wayne Valley,” says two-sport varsity captain Vivian Testa, who received the prestigious Women in Sports Award in February 2022. This award, explains Testa, is presented to one female athlete per high school who embodies the values of athletic excellence, including school pride, strong character, and positive leadership. As she leads both the Girls Basketball and Girls Lacrosse teams through their 2022 seasons, she is honored to uphold these values, inspire her teammates, and represent female athletes throughout our school.

Beyond her Women in Sports Award, Testa is a decorated athlete, as she has earned First Team All-County recognition for lacrosse and Second Team All-County recognition for basketball. These awards are well-deserved, as she has been playing basketball for thirteen years and lacrosse for eight. Her leadership also extends beyond the court and the field; in addition to her athletic achievements, she is the President of the Class of 2022, a member of the National Honor Society, and the Head Sports Producer for The V, among other extracurricular roles. This year, she also joined Wayne Valley’s brand-new Flag Football team.

As a captain, Testa understands the importance of providing a support system for the underclassmen: “I always try to [motivate my teammates] and help them to become the best players I know they can be.” From practices to team bonding, Testa is especially grateful for the close friendships that she formed through her involvement in both sports.

Although Testa chose to not commit to a varsity team in college, she does hope to continue playing basketball and lacrosse on the intramural level. She plans to study Health Science so that in the future, she can help athletes to recuperate and “get back to playing the sports that they love.”

For now, she looks forward to her upcoming senior lacrosse season, and anticipates leading her team to success in the Passaic County tournament and beyond. “[Never] take your sports for granted,” she reflects. “[The endless athletic opportunities at Wayne Valley] have impacted my life for the better, and I’m going to miss it so much.”