Tips to Ace This School Year

Hafsa Balki, Staff Writer

As we take on a new school year of fully in-person classes, we are all learning to adjust to the transition. Everyone’s lives have taken a different turn, so it is important to highlight some tips for staying organized during this changeover!

Keep your supplies and spaces neat – Keep your backpack clean, and make sure your supplies and notes are organized. This also goes beyond school, all the way to your home; maintaining a neat work and living space is essential. 

Keep track of your assignments – Google Classroom has been a recent miracle in terms of making assignments more visual and accessible, but it does not allow you to enter your own reminders in there, so find an agenda! Whether online or in a physical notebook, writing down due dates, homework, reminders and other notes will help you ace this school year.

Feed yourself – This may be an uncommon suggestion for staying organized, but it is as simple as that: eating. Going without breakfast or lunch (or worse, both) can cause disorder during school. Food is fuel for our body; brain function, alertness, and mood will all alter if you are not feeding yourself. Make sure to have breakfast or at least a satiating and nutritious lunch at school to keep yourself focused and coordinated for your classes.

Get some sleep – Although sleep is especially essential for high schools, most students do not get enough of it. Sleeping for at least 6-8 hours each night is what everyone should aim for—anything less than that and you might feel sick, feel moody and fatigued, or experience a decreased attention span. This will all mess up any order you have going on in school. Sleep also helps to boost your memory and your test performance.

Communication is key – It is normal to struggle at times, especially during this particular school year, but you must let people know. If you do not understand something in class, email the teacher or speak to them personally! If your teachers have office hours, attend them. If you are struggling with something else, speak to your counselor. This same mindset applies to friendships and relationships; if you’re having issues with someone, let them know. Nothing can progress if you don’t take action.

Know when to take breaks – To reiterate for the last time: this year is tough, quite understandably. Between academics, athletics, and other extracurriculars, every student has a lot to balance. Therefore, we all would benefit by taking some time for ourselves. There is no shame in it, and it is actually recommended since we as humans need a balanced lifestyle.