Wayne Valley’s New Fashion Teacher


Mia Turrin, Website and Layout Editor

Ms. Romano is our new fashion teacher. She currently teaches five classes: three fashion, one fashion marketing, and one photography. She previously worked in the fashion industry as a director of production for a multi-million business for a decade. She was the right-hand man to the boss in a sense.

Even though she enjoyed working directly on the production side, she has always wanted to be a teacher. Ms. Romano first realized it when she was in high school: she knew she loved fashion, but she did not have a mentor. It was a struggle to get into a fashion school because she didn’t know how to put a portfolio together, the proper path to take, or the connections that she should be making. But she persevered and made her dream come true by getting two degrees at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Design and International Trade and Marketing. But after pursuing her passion in the industry, she then wanted to come back and be that mentor that she didn’t have for other students. She wants to help her students succeed in life and pursue fashion (or in any art field) as a career. 

A fun fact about Ms. Romano is that she loves being approached. It doesn’t matter if you are her student or not, she is always ready to talk. She loves to be part of the community also; you might see her at different sporting events or different activities happening within the school because she loves being involved. She says her favorite color is “glitter” because “if it’s a name on a Crayola crayon, it is considered a color.”  But why glitter?–with her mood and the perspective of the moment, glitter changes its appearance from green to purple to pink and every color in between. Her favorite musical group is New Kids on the Block because it reminds her of her childhood. And of course, her favorite designer is herself! 

Even though she is a new teacher at Valley, she is soon going to be a favorite. Ms. Romano is proud to be part of the Wayne Valley Tribe!