Tips for College Applications


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Blank college application on a desktop. Artwork created by the photographer.

Neha Chandra, Editor-in-Chief

As the year goes on it is nearing the time for the seniors to submit their college applications. Normally, the college process is incredibly challenging, but this year seniors face unusual challenges as COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc. Here are some helpful tips for students who are currently applying to college.

First things first, make sure to talk to your guidance counselor. It is extremely important to keep them in the loop with any decisions you make. They also provide valuable advice and insights on the process. Keep a lookout in your email inbox for Guidance’s monthly newsletter that contains important information for college applications. You should decide whether you are applying for early action, early decision, or regular decision, etc. Based on this and the schools you are applying to, you can apply through the Common App if it works or the college website. You should collect your recommendation letters from Naviance and if you are submitting your scores check the College Board. 

Deadlines and submission requirements vary based on the schools you are applying to. Be sure to stay on top of these, as they can quickly pile up before you realize. Overall, students should know their deadlines, proofread their submissions, and effectively show the authentic/best versions of themselves. Always stay on top of your work and avoid last-minute submissions. Students can also utilize the Common App feature “Application Requirements” to see their deadlines in a more organized view. 

**These are general tips**