Valley Football Continues its Dominance

Tristan Morales and Gianna LaMorges

The defending state champion Wayne Valley Football team looks a little different this year. Students and staff alike are streaming the Friday night games through the Wayne Valley Television YouTube channel, since COVID-19 restrictions prevent them from cheering on the team in person. However, although fans may only be watching the games behind screens, Wayne Valley Football has not lost its dominance. The coaches and players are putting in a tremendous effort to uphold the title they won in November 2019. So far, Valley has shocked its league.

With an overall record of 3-1, Wayne Valley has continued its powerful win streak from last year. On Saturday, October 17th, Valley stunned Northern Highlands in a 28-23 rematch victory. Previously ranked #8 in New Jersey, Highlands was known as one of the dominant teams in the league. With a schedule packed with difficult games, this win was a huge victory for Wayne Valley.

Valley currently has a few important match-ups left, both within and outside of their league. On October 30th, Valley will be playing Ridgewood for the first time since 2000. On November 25th, Valley will battle Passaic County rival, West Milford, for some good old-fashioned Thanksgiving football. Also on the schedule is a highly anticipated game against Irvington on November 20th.


We asked Alex Okun, a senior on the team, a few questions about the changes to the Wayne Valley football program this season.

How has the Wayne Valley Football team handled practice and games under these new circumstances?

A: Wayne Valley Football has been taking precautionary measures when it comes to practice and games. The coaches have been making sure everything is cleaned before and after we use equipment, and they have made sure we are all properly distanced when we are outside without masks on.

As of right now, only family members are allowed to come to games. How different does this feel in comparison to previous years?

A: Family members are allowed to come to our games, however, only a limited number of people are allowed in the stands so it makes it difficult for my entire family to come. It is much different than in the past where almost anyone could come support the team.

What steps has Wayne Valley Football taken to defend the state title?

A: Our coaches have been doing the opposite when talking about the state title—they make us remember where we once were, and use that to motivate us, in that sense that other teams expect that from us.

Ultimately, the Wayne Valley community is proud of the football team’s hard work, and looks forward to their further success.