Wayne Valley Girls Soccer Road to Success

The Wayne Valley Girls Soccer team is undefeated with an outstanding record of 12-0. On October 8th, at Wayne Valley, the girls played their first county game against Hawthorne High School and pulled out the win. Now they advance onto the semi-finals of the county tournament and will be playing their rival, West Milford. If the girls have another win against Lakeland this week, they will have clinched the conference this season.

The girls have seen a lot success so far this season, but still have a lot to prove. Coach Sinram, the girls varsity coach, shares that she had and has big hopes and goals for this season as so did all the girls on the team.

When asked what Coach Sinram’s goals are for the rest of the season, she stated “To finish the regular season undefeated, to win two more games in the county tournament, to get the one seed in the state tournament and to win the state tournament.” With all the hard work and commitment shown from all the players, all of these goals can be accomplished. When asked what is needed to be done to achieve their goals, Sinram answered, “Staying focused, playing together as a team, being disciplined and playing good 1 v 1 defense.” The Wayne Valley Girls Soccer team are not the underdogs anymore; they are the team to beat and they are not letting anyone take away their undefeated record.

Captain Alexa Simonetti said“I expected our season to be very strong. I expected and hoped to be league and county champs and to return to the state final.” With such skilled and determined players returning, the girls’ season has been nothing but strong.

Simonetti scored an amazing goal in overtime against Wayne Hills, one minute after sophomore, Syd Rosenkrantz scored, tying the game. In that moment, during overtime, the whole team felt euphoric and you could feel the intensity on the field, Simonetti definitely did. “It was amazing, it was such a rush. We battled so hard all game long and we were on a high,” Simonetti explained.

That rush is what these girls feel every game when the buzzer sounds. They’ve shown they have the skill to beat Wayne Hills and anybody in the conference, and they are now ready to show it to everyone in the county tournament as well as the state tournament.