Relay For Life

Cancer, a nightmare that too often becomes a reality. This is a disease that takes the lives of thousands in the United States each year and has no mercy. However, these lives are not forgotten, they are remembered and fought for everyday. Wayne Valley High School has hosted Wayne’s annual relay for life sponsored by the American Cancer Society for the past few years. Students from Valley and Hills alike join sides in this epic battle to defeat this menace of a disease, along with survivors who share their amazing tales of their fight create hope for those currently in a battle with cancer. Teams are formed with a common goal to raise as much money as possible for Cancer research with the hope that a cure will be found in the near future. This powerful movement fills those currently fighting with hope of a better tomorrow and a chance at normal life again. Every team must have a member walking the track at all times until the event ends at 6 am the next morning, as this is called “relaying”. Near the end of the event a special ceremony called the Luminaria takes place where paper bags are placed around the turf football field with a glow stick inside. On these bags are the names of people who have lost their battle with cancer along with a message from their loved ones. Every participant receives a glow stick and is told to break it when they hear the the relationship of who they’re walking for is called cure(i.e. grandma, father, etc.). Following this ceremony are personal stories from people who have lost loved ones to cancer along with a lap of silence around the track to honor those who have lost their fight and those currently in the heat of battle. This event provides hope to those who are fighting this disease and we know too well that hope is the most powerful thing in the world; It just takes a little bit to make something spectacular happen. With the continued support from relay participants all across the country we take steps closer to defeating cancer once and for all.