How to Survive the Heat at Wayne Valley High School


Maria Ivakhiv, Specialty Editor

    With the end of school approaching very fast, the weather has changed drastically and classrooms have gotten very hot. As a result, Wayne Valley High School has turned into a sauna. The temperature inside the school rises as the day goes on; in the morning it’s still bearable, but after 4th period you just want to stick your head in a freezer.

The hottest parts of the school are the History Wing, Language Classes, and Biology Rooms. Students that have those classes sit and sulk in the disgusting heat. Only a few classrooms have the wonderful cooling air of the A/C, but for those classrooms that don’t, here are a few ways on how you can survive the heat in the last few weeks of school.

1. Bring Water and Stay Hydrated

    You’ve probably heard this before, but in hot weather like this, we all need to stay hydrated and drink plenty of weather. If you bring a water bottle to school it will help you get through the day,  not make you want to drop dead. The more water you drink, the cooler you will be.

2. Bring a small personal fan

   This is tip definitely worth it. I got one last year and it helps a lot, mine is a small fan that is black and has O2COOL written on it. I got mine from Walmart, and it wasn’t expensive at all. Just get some big batteries and that’s it. It is definitely a good idea to get one, because they don’t make a lot of noise, so it won’t bother your teacher and it will keep you cool during class. If you can afford one and can find the time, get right on it because it’s a good thing to have during these hot days at Valley.

3. Wear loose and comfortable clothing

    This one is easy to do, it is very possible to still follow the Dress Code Rules. First of all, girls, make sure your shorts aren’t super short. But, if they are acceptable, go for it! If you want to stay cool I would keep away from dark colors since those to tend to make you hotter, wear lighter colors like white, pink, light blue, etc. Always wear something that will make YOU feel comfortable and something that is just the right amount of loose.

These are just a few things that you can do, to survive these last few weeks of hot weather at Wayne Valley. School in high temperatures can be very rough and you are probably sweating buckets by the end of the day. But, just think: there’s only two more weeks of school and then we are done. There will be no more! In the meantime, try and use some of these tips to help you stay cool in your classes.