How to find the right college?

Jaclyn Hartwig, Staff Writer

When it comes to finding the proper higher education, a student focuses on the size of the school, the location, the surroundings, and the school that will provide them the best degree so they can become employed in that major. Before deciding where you want to go, you have to be accepted first. It is best to apply to more than one school due to the chance your dream college doesn’t accept your application. Besides, maybe your second-choice school will end up providing you with a better experience than your dream school. Once you have decided where you are going, you should consider whether to commute or live on campus as a freshman. If you live on campus you are able to make friends, explore the college more, and have more freedom. Living at home is an attractive option because it is cheaper. If you decide to live at home and commute you have to figure out if you are going to drive, take a train, or a bus home. Additionally, living at home allows you to spend time with family, have home cooked meals, and maybe even your parent or guardian could do your laundry.

If you determine community college is the best option, you go for two years, trying to figure out what you want to do. This experience can help in a future transfer to a four year college. Community college is cheaper and helps students who may have financial problems. Trade school is another option, a place where you can start working and learn the steps to run a “family” business. There is nothing wrong with either choice; both choices have pros and cons.

Deciding on the size of the college could be simple. You sort of have an idea that you want a huge college that has tons of students because there are tons of students you are able to make more friends with and feel independent. A larger school sometimes has buses that you have to take from one side of the school to the other. A medium school you are able to find your way easier. Everything is closer together, so you should have a general idea where every building is pretty quickly. A smaller institute is very close together. Everyone knows everyone. The school might solely be one building and dorm rooms. In some instances, the smaller school could have less students than a high school.

You want to find the best location for college; closer to home vs. far away. If you live closer to home, it is cheaper to return home during holidays as gas expenses/plane tickets will cost less the closer you live from home. You may decide to go far away such as California, Florida, Maryland, etc. because of the weather or the simple fact of getting out of New Jersey because you want to see the world. It is okay to go out and explore the world because you meet tons of new people. Living away from home could be a fun way to expand your freedoms.