National Honor Society’s Adventures!

The students of Wayne Valley’s National Honor Society represented the four pillars of the organization—scholarship, leadership, service and character—throughout the entire school year. Between the constant upkeep of a minimum 3.5 GPA and volunteering enough to reach the 100-credit requirement by June, the members deserved their trip in May.

Every year, NHS organizes a 3-day trip for its members to attend, accompanied by various teachers, administrators, and chaperones as well. The trip locations usually alternate each year between Massachusetts and places like Virginia, Vermont, and Canada. While the organization crossed both state and national borders last year on the trip to Jay’s Peak, Vermont and Montreal, Canada, this year’s journey to Boston was just as much of an adventure.

With a departure from the school at 6:30 on that Friday morning, the NHS students slowly but surely made their way towards Salem, Massachusetts, where they started off the weekend visiting the Salem Witch Museum—allowing their sophomore-year-selves to reignite the grief over John Proctor and their animosity towards Abigail Williams. The weekend in Boston also included attending a performance by the Blue Man Group, a tour of Fenway Park, and  the Boston Duck Tour.

The students spent the last night of the trip dancing aboard a spirit cruise before departing Boston the following morning. However, the adventure did not quite end yet; the final event of this year’s trip was down roller coasters at Six Flags New England. NHS and its members finally made their way back home on Sunday evening, with new memories and fuzzy feelings following not too far behind!