The Boys Lacrosse Team

The boys lacrosse team is in season and have currently had 5 games.With a record on 2-3 they hope to improve with 3 games this week with a home game today against St. Joes at 4pm. The boys team has currently beaten PCTI and Lakeland Regional. With loses to Montville, Roxbury and Glenrock they are certain they will turn their season around.

The team believes they will turn their season around with the leadership in senior captains Stas Lembryk, Ryan Leonard,Vinny Tedesco, Stephen DuBois and Nick Irwin. WIth Ryan Leonard coming back in 2 games with a broken wrist it will help improve the offensive attack.

So far the team has been playing well but not to their full potential. The offense has to score more to keep the defense in a nice comfort zone. The D however has been playing well with occasional mishaps.

The team beat Depaul in the quarterfinals and Lakeland in the semi final and is now going on to the county championship this Saturday.