Wayne Valley’s Museum Worthy Artists

Kelly Hurtado and Jeannie Ramos , Staff Writer

Wayne Valley has many amazing artists!  Recently, they announced that two of our students will be having their artwork available at the Morris Museum. Freshman, Emily Wang and Sophomore, Wendy Zheng will be having their artwork on display at the Morris Museum the beginning of April 7th through June 5th. Emily Wang’s piece is called “Woven in ink and Wood.” Wendy Zheng’s piece is called “Potted Plants.” Their artwork were picked out by a judge at an art gallery. There was only 50 pieces that were selected to the museum of Morris. It was selected by a juried art exhibit that was open for all of NJ public schools and Private High schools only. Each spring the congressional institute hosts a nationwide high school visual art competition. The competition began in 1982 , more than 650,000 high school students have participated in this event. The students submit entries to their representatives office and panels of district  artists select the winners entries. The winners are recognized both in their district and at the Washington D.C annual awards.  Jane Lee is a Junior that goes to Wayne Valley High School and also a very talented artist. She took first place at the congressional art competition, for her piece “chrome reflections.” This event is to recognize the talent and encourage high school students artistic talents. Her art will be dis123 1234 played at the US capitol for an entire year.

 For more artwork from all of our artists attend our annual art show!  It will take place from Tuesday, May 17th – 19th in the fishbowl. It will be open during school hours, with the evening reception being held on Tuesday, May 17th from 6 – 8pm. The show will feature outstanding works of art from all of our art classes.