Motorcycle Dreaming on Such a Spring Day!

Dreaming Motorcycles

Sometimes you may look out your car window and see something roar past, in a blink of an eye. Some say it’s dangerous. To others, it’s heaven. Men and women alike would practically drool over the motorcycle of their dreams.

Since more and more students here at Wayne Valley want motorcycles, the Auto Shop is pushing to do more than just cars. A good majority of students in the Auto Shop have a love for motorcycles like me. During the middle of the year until now we’ve worked on a BMW, Goldwing, and now a Ducati motorcycle. The Goldwing was experiencing difficulty with the speakers so the Auto students each had a shot diagnosing it. We discovered it had a wiring problem. The Ducati was by far the greatest. While putting the front axel back and brake calibrators we were able to learn the bearings were wearing out and needed to be replaced. There’s a bit of everything for everyone. Mr.Bergen and Mr. Hopper push to have a variety of sorts while still on task and making Wayne Valley’s Auto shop the best