Girls Lacrosse

Showing leadership and dedication to the sport, Crista Provax (D) and Lauren Cianci have been chosen by Coach Kraft to be the captains of the 2016 Wayne Valley Girls Lacrosse team.  Coach Kraft has identified Provax, Bridget Doyle, Karli Nevard, Abby Cummings, and Madison Phillips as key players.  “The key to our success will be our ability to bounce back after losing a key player,” Kraft says.  “I do feel confident that our team will have great success this season.”  Unfortunately, not only did the team lose their first game April 6 against Paramus, but the team also lost one of their best players Karli Nevard due to a broken wrist.  Coach Kraft’s words have already come into fruition.


3/31: 15-2 win against Eastern Christian

4/2: 14-1 win against Bergen Tech

4/6: 9-5 loss to Paramus

4/9: 8-6 win against Westwood

4/11: 7-6 loss to Old Tappan

4/14: 11-5 loss to Lakeland