Spring DIY

Kathryn De Stefano, Staff

diy 1diy 2diy 3D.I.Y.: do it yourself. In an age where everything and everyone is about saving money rather than spending it, D.I.Y. crafts are wildly popular. Pinterest is a goldmine for D.I.Y. crafts and below I have put together a collection of some of the cutest and most fun crafts of the season.

1. Painted Daisy Mason Jars

Both decorative and cute, these mason jars can be used to not only hold daisies but can also be used to decorate your desk or serve as a Mother’s Day gift for your mom. For this craft you will need a mason jar, some teal acrylic paint (or other acrylic paint of your color choice) to paint the jar, white paint or glass enamel for the flowers, and a yellow paint for the inner part of the flower. For more instructions check out the link here

2. DIY Spring Chicks

These chicks are just so cute you can’t resist! They’re perfect for decorating for Easter (if you celebrate) and make perfect decorations for around your house. All you need for this craft is an egg carton, acrylic paint, glue, scissors, and some construction paper. Check out this link for more instructions. So easy to make, you’ll be peeping this chicks around your house in no time!

3. Thumbprint Flower Pots

Simple and classic, thumbprint flower pots are a great addition to any window sill or outdoors location. For this craft all you’ll need is a flower pot, some paint, and opposable thumbs (although a dog print could look very cute on this craft!). For more instructions check out the link here.