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Take This Class: Journalism

Alumnus Amanda Vogt discusses her work at Penn State as a journalism major and student journalist. She often covers Penn State football games and other important sports news.

As creating your schedule for next year is coming up before you know it, selecting electives could be a difficult decision. If you want to improve your communication and writing skills, stay informed about current events, and learn about journalism ethics, Journalism is the perfect course for you! Journalism is a general-level, full-year course elective that is worth a total of 5 credits. 

This elective prepares students for occupations such as public relations, media fields, communications, and of course journalism. Taking this course improves your quality of writing, enhancing word choice and grammar. In this course, you will engage in interviews with other students, faculty, and administration, which all will improve communication skills. Taking this course isn’t all just writing. Creating voice interviews, media, and podcasts will also be a part of this course! You will learn the ethics of journalism by identifying biases, and learning the importance of accuracy to write the perfect news article!

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