Take Your Child to Work Day 2023

Take Your Child to Work Day was created in 1992 but even 3 decades later, the day is still a popular one where many students are excused from school to go to their parents or guardians work. At Wayne Valley High School on April 27, many teachers chose to bring their children to the school for an amazing experience that helps prepare them for their future. 

One of these children was Mrs. Sabani’s daughter who learned that high schoolers get 20 vocabulary words instead of 5 and made “lots of friends.”

The Media Center was turned into a place for the children to stay during certain periods and they also stayed with their parents to watch their classes. Some of the activities in the media center included LEGOS, Jenga, marble maze, and movies. Mrs. D’Amelio’s daughter “made a flower out of beads” and enjoyed watching “Zombies 1 and 2.”

During block 6, a group of children went to grab ice cream from the Foods classroom. A few of them even got sprinkles. They also helped scoop some cookie dough onto the trays. After their visit, the group went to visit the “SDA gym.” Most of the children picked a color to root for. The Media Center’s son and daughter will be rooting for Blue while Mrs. D’Amelio’s daughter will root for White. 

At the very end of the day, many of the children met in the little gym to discuss the day and take a big group picture. Teachers, guidance counselors, and even administrators all came to celebrate Take Your Child to Work Day! 

When asked if she would like to come back next year, Mrs. Nazarko’s daughter noted that she would come back next year because “the people were nice and I had a lot of fun.”